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A Dashup for every purpose!

Dashup provides simple and configurable pages that can be linked together to create powerful tools.

The system you've always wanted

Create the system you've always wanted, with our flexible drag & drop interface!


Use one of our templates, search community templates, or create your own system from scratch. Use our intuitive drag and drop interface and import all of your existing data so you can hit the ground running.


Build connections between different pieces of your Dashup. Connect to external systems and automatically sync information between them to ensure you have an up to date visualization of your business at all times.


Invite all the team members you need, chat in real time about work, and give them the right amount of access to information so you can manage your business, and make sure everyone minds theirs.


Give other people access to parts of your Dashup and collect information automatically by placing dashup blocks into other systems. Save on plugins, configuration and wasted time through Dashup's seamless integration into other platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace to gather customer information, manage transactions or fulfill orders.


Change, modify, and transform how you manage your business as you grow. Dashup provides all the tools you need to build everything from simple forms, right through to enterprise level applications that scale with your business.

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